Moving on…



Now the left hand front arch is more or less done, time to chop some more bits off.

Similar sort of tale to the left hand side, jacking point more or less totalled, rot in the sill, rot at the back of the arch, all chopped out and zipped up, wheel arch lopped off, sectioned and ready for going back on

Camper back from the bodyshop.



I only tax the camper for 6 months a year. When I bought it it was, meh, okay and for a while I ran It as a daily driver and it suffered a little, I ran It for a couple of winters but now rather than the salt eat it I lock it away before the grit goes down. During its down time I like to catch up on a few jobs and this year’s was to put a fresh left rear lower corner in as it was a little rusty, that’s the thing about the big GRP bumpers, they hide everything! So, Neil has welded me a new rear corner and repaired the bottom of the pillar too. Plenty of vactan, zinc primer and sprayable seam sealer and then to the bodyshop for paint. Very pleased with the results 🙂 Camper now taxed but it’s cowering in the corner till we get a good dose of rain to wash all this salt away!