New “standardised” prop arrived.


I’ve had a prop made rather than use the original item, for a few reasons really.
1st is that I had to give my own prop to work to keep our exchange program running due to customers not returning core units.
The other reason was to use more standard parts and also to be able to use joints with grease nipples.

Powerflex prototypes



I’ve had these a little while. Powerflex already make some wishbone bushes for these vans, I asked if they could make me some in a harder material. They did. I’ve had them sitting around for probably 2 years or so, finally found the opportunity to try them on something! Mind you, will be a while before it sees the road!

Rebuild begins.

Rebuild begins


Managed to sneak some time in the workshop actually ding something for myself, started loosely building up the front subframe.

I’m trying to make this van as new as I can, so all mountings are new, every ball joint, bush and bearing will be new, new brake lines… you get the picture.

Before you ask, the front dampers are prototypes made by Spax to our requirements. One proved they should be for sale through