Modified “sh!t” plate


Using a larger than standard clutch in a T3 Diesel brings a few pit falls, one is the factory dust shield between the engine and gearbox doesn’t fit. Aftermarket ones are available but they are supplied to suit both 2WD and 4WD models, to fit a 4WD they need a little bend to close up a slot on the bell housing. Once bent into shape I wasn’t happy with the fit so I added a small 90° bracket and TIG’d it into place so I can use the factory hole in the bell housing to use a nut and bolt to secure the plate.

Mocking up the air inlet

P1040580 P1040578 P1040577 P1040576

Seeing as cyclonic “pre-filters” are de rigueur at the moment I had a scrat around in my piles of useless rubbish I seem to accumulate and found an item from a 1.6D “CS” engine. I’ve had to trim a little from the inlet and similarly from the airbox too and I’ve packed the air box brackets away from the chassis a little to get it to work. It’s a mock up, I may not use it yet if it causes any clearance issues, but, looks okay at the moment!