More donuts

After the earlier post about the do-nuts I received a few questions about them, so I’ve taken a few more pictures to illustrate the procedure for welding them up.

These do-nuts can give you nice, tight radius bends that you can’t achieve with mandrel bent tubes.

oh, and yeas yes, my TIG welding isn’t the tidiest, I know, I’m a learner!

Aluminium do-nuts come in 2 halves
Edges to be welded are wire brushed with a brush with stainless bristles to assist in removal of the oxide layer prior to welding.
Halves brought together.
Halves tied together with tie-ing wire so they can be spot welded.
The halves are then spot wleded to hold them together while seam welding is carried out.
Halves are then seam welded together on the outer edge. The inner edge can only be welded once the do-nut has been chopped up.