Allesbrenner Closed
Bundeswehr 5kw “Feldheizgeraet” (Field heat machine), used as a tent heater for the German federal army.
Allesbrenner front open.
Once inside you can see where all the spare parts stowe
In the top you have a cooking surface.
All the spare parts, lots of this stuff is for when it’s used on oil or Diesel.
Feldheizgeraet assembled ready for use on wood.


Feldheizgeraet showing jerry can stand.
Cooking some Franfurters on a skillet pan.. yum.

Fuel breather pipe adapter fabricated.


We’ve used a pick up tank on the syncro, all well and good but the breather stub at the top of the tank is a different diameter to the van tank. The van tank has a stub size of 12mm however the pick up tank is 15mm.
It’s not something we stock so we had to make one, 12mm OD aluminium tube and some 15mm OD tube pressed into each other then the ends swaged. Tig welded together, etch primed then powder coated, all in house in about
30 mins. Well happy!

Rear light wiring loom manufacture #1


I could have just used the loom that came with the van but as some point in it’s previous life it has had a towbar fitted. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen what a mess the installers make when installing a towbar but it’s not pretty, It usually involves scotch locks (blergh) and copious amounts of tape.

Another thing I’ve never been happy with was how VW solved the problem of getting power to the number plate lamps, if you’ve not paid much attention it involves an excess of unprotected wire that’s badly routed and results in the wires dangling about when you open the rear flap.

So, I decided I would make my “dream” loom using fresh cable, new terminals, fresh PVC tubing and configure it how I like, next size up for the earths, dedicated earths for each consumer, reconfigured number plate lamp wiring, take offs for auxiliary reverse lamps and fog lamp cut out built into the metal towing socket.

All the right colours in all the right cross sections, loom roughly in the correct configuration.
PVC sleeve fitted.
PVC sleeve fitted along with new protective boots for the connections to the tail lights.
Loom trial fitted and clipped into place with Omega clips.
Fits like a glove!