It’s got to go! 

Just got word that my syncro is coming back and we don’t really have the space so something has to go. 

Working on the last in first out principle then it’s the Audi, so… 

1982 Audi 80 CL 1.6l carb 5 speed. 

Bought in the summer and used as my daily drive but considering I live 2 miles from work,  have other vehicles and sometimes walk to work it’s not been that far! Me being me went through it as I carry my kids around in it and the last thing I want is to be sat at the side of the road waiting to be recovered so, in the last 6 months or so it’s had…. 

Full service, valve clearance set, cam belt, tensioner, new lower cam belt cover. Upper cover was corroded so its been blasted and powder coated. 

New dizzy cap, leads, rotor arm, all Beru. 

Coolant was like brown sludge when I bought it so it’s been flushed several times and now sports fresh coolant, new thermostat and new pressure cap. 

Car came with a klaxon, that went in the bin and has been replaced with 2 new wind tone horns as well as some new plastic bobbins for the horn push in the steering wheel rather than the bit of wire it came with. 

All rubber sections of fuel lines have been replaced with the best you can buy and fitted with the correct size new clips rather than whatever someone had laying around! Carb adjusted on a gas analyser. 

Brake fluid changed and rear bled through, front has broken bleed nipples. I got that sinking feeling at traffic lights so it’s had a new master cylinder. Car was fitted with new pads for the MOT just before I bought it. 

Car was originally a 4 speed but it has been replaced with a 5 speed, it still has 4 speed knob.

Left front wheel bearing started growling a week or so after I bought it, needless to say it was replaced. 

Car is lowered on some coil overs, done before I bought it. I was expecting it to drive really badly but it’s not too bad at all, much better since I replaced the tyres with one’s that fitted the BBS alloys that its sporting.

Bodily its really good, honest car, it’s not hiding anything, the worst part is a small area of rust under the right rear light but easily fixed if you’re that way inclined. 

Soon after purchase the car had a wet vac and the paint buffed, touched in and polished. 

MOT till June 2017, car located in Huddersfield,  West Yorkshire. 

Asking price –  £2500

Into primer. 

It’s been a while, the bodyshop have been busy and to be honest so have I, I’ve not chased them as to frank that if it came back I wouldn’t have had time to start rebuilding it anyway so probably done me a massive favour it being away. 

I got word today from a mutual friend that he’d called in and it was it in primer and almost ready for paint so I thought I better fly over and have a shufty. 

Looks like it will be painted early next week and I may have it back within the week.