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Side door CDL bracket arrived. 

Not the most interesting part but another job ticked off. 

The right hand sliding door has come from a none central door locking van as as such is devoid of the bracket to hold the actuator. These just arrived and what a perfect vehicle to try them on! Works a treat.

Reacquainting myself with what I did in the engine bay.. 

I got the engine to wire up soon but time is of a premium so good old SyncroAndy is going to make me a loom and ECU enclosure to get the van up and running. 

First job was to try and make it watertight so it can be pushed outside if needed, getting there with that but I want to leave the screen out as long as possible because working on the dashboard area is so much easier without it. Hmm, what to concentrate on next? 

US spec indicators. 

Left tidied, right as they arrived.

Something and nothing jobs, tidied up the US spec front turn signals kindly sent from GoWesty in the States as a return favor, cheers Taylor! 

I also bought some range rover front fogs, Hella Comet 550’s, pretty much the same as the factory front fogs. Needless to say I won’t be using the switch that came part of the kit, all very British and 1970, miff isn’t the word! 

Not much today. 

Hole marked for lower mounting point for electric mirrors.
Drilled to 9mm for the inner skin, 12mm for the outer skin.
Masked and primed, then painted, then waxed,then M6 rivnut fitted and more wax over the top.
Half smoked rear lights went on, flap lock fitted and rear number plate.

Didn’t have time for much today, mounted left hand door back on, sorted lower mounting for left electric door mirror and a couple of jobs at the back. 

Bit more. 

Slowly moving around the van, side door pretty much done, door handle refurbed and matched to Ign key, spent hours removing over spray from the sliding window from its previous life. All new bearings etc. Started on the left front door by rebuilding the opening 1/4 with a new seal. Also added bpillar duct seals, b pillar trim, tyre pressure sticker and a strip of rayon tape to protect the wiring rubbing between the body and the door. 

Sliding door. 

Started building the van up today, sunroof in and working. 

I then started on the left hand sliding door, is there a more tedious job on a T3 than installing side door seals.. Zzzzzz. 

The bodyshop managed to get over spray on the side door hinge so off it came, stripped, blasted, etched and powder coated and rebuild with new bearings. After that I managed to get the Chinese puzzle of a job done, installing the side loading door lock mechanism, hateful job only seldom carried out thankfully!