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Sliding door. 

Started building the van up today, sunroof in and working. 

I then started on the left hand sliding door, is there a more tedious job on a T3 than installing side door seals.. Zzzzzz. 

The bodyshop managed to get over spray on the side door hinge so off it came, stripped, blasted, etched and powder coated and rebuild with new bearings. After that I managed to get the Chinese puzzle of a job done, installing the side loading door lock mechanism, hateful job only seldom carried out thankfully! 

Fuel breather pipe adapter fabricated.


We’ve used a pick up tank on the syncro, all well and good but the breather stub at the top of the tank is a different diameter to the van tank. The van tank has a stub size of 12mm however the pick up tank is 15mm.
It’s not something we stock so we had to make one, 12mm OD aluminium tube and some 15mm OD tube pressed into each other then the ends swaged. Tig welded together, etch primed then powder coated, all in house in about
30 mins. Well happy!