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Ta Daaaa, it’s back!

Now the work starts.

Amazing how much stuff comes off a van when you strip it!
We’ll have to be quick getting it mobile, the space it was stored has been turned into more storage space for parts!
Got to love a twin slider!

Van arrived unexpectedly this morning, que workshop reshuffle to get it in! 

Paintwork report, I got my money’s worth, there’s a few niggles but in fairness they have done what I asked. It wasn’t a nice van to start with and to straighten it 100% would mean spending a fortune I’m not willing to spend. Remember this was going to be cobbled up and painted NATO green so it’s lucky it’s in its original colour! 

Rebuilding has already started, we’ve started on the Tailgate in an attempt to make it water tight ASAP so that if we get busy at work it can be pushed outside.