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Fuel breather pipe adapter fabricated.


We’ve used a pick up tank on the syncro, all well and good but the breather stub at the top of the tank is a different diameter to the van tank. The van tank has a stub size of 12mm however the pick up tank is 15mm.
It’s not something we stock so we had to make one, 12mm OD aluminium tube and some 15mm OD tube pressed into each other then the ends swaged. Tig welded together, etch primed then powder coated, all in house in about
30 mins. Well happy!

More donuts

After the earlier post about the do-nuts I received a few questions about them, so I’ve taken a few more pictures to illustrate the procedure for welding them up.

These do-nuts can give you nice, tight radius bends that you can’t achieve with mandrel bent tubes.

oh, and yeas yes, my TIG welding isn’t the tidiest, I know, I’m a learner!

Aluminium do-nuts come in 2 halves
Edges to be welded are wire brushed with a brush with stainless bristles to assist in removal of the oxide layer prior to welding.
Halves brought together.
Halves tied together with tie-ing wire so they can be spot welded.
The halves are then spot wleded to hold them together while seam welding is carried out.
Halves are then seam welded together on the outer edge. The inner edge can only be welded once the do-nut has been chopped up.

Modified “sh!t” plate


Using a larger than standard clutch in a T3 Diesel brings a few pit falls, one is the factory dust shield between the engine and gearbox doesn’t fit. Aftermarket ones are available but they are supplied to suit both 2WD and 4WD models, to fit a 4WD they need a little bend to close up a slot on the bell housing. Once bent into shape I wasn’t happy with the fit so I added a small 90° bracket and TIG’d it into place so I can use the factory hole in the bell housing to use a nut and bolt to secure the plate.